A few nights ago I had a dream where I was talking to George RR Martin about his books and for some reason he was interested in my opinion on how the series should end so I told him that I don’t really care-it’s his series he can end it however he pleases. My only request was that the gravedigger theory be true and that Sansa and Sandor are both alive at the end and within the immediate vicinity of each other. He laughed at me.


Question for FanFic writers:

When writing an AU how do you impart those important bits of canon information that you want to maintain without it coming across like ‘hey let me dump all this canon info on you that you already know, but I need to do it anyways for people who may not know the canon’.

For example:

In Game of Thrones: There’s the story of how Sandor got his burns. There’s the fact that Sansa was adamant about staying with Joffrey. There’s the way Cersei chose to deal with Lady.

In The Walking Dead: There’s Carol’s abusive backstory. Daryl’s abusive backstory. Merle losing his hand.

How do you write these instances into your stories and keep them fresh.

I think it depends on what information you’re trying to give out. The most important thing is probably not to try to dump it out in one scene (especially not at the beginning that will bore readers familiar with canon). Try not to just rewrite scenes either, and if your AU contains a scene from canon try writing it from the POV of a different character than the source material.

Personally I find the best way to reintroduce canon material in fanworks is through small scenes of personal reflection or short dialogue exchanges weaving in and out of the story. In some cases the use of an unimportant original character (ex. a traveler on the road or bar tender) can be used to explain how the characters wound up where they are, or perhaps a fever can cause a character to blurt out their backstory in a haze of delirium.

Dream/Nightmare sequences are also helpful, tweak some details or exaggerate canon materials so fans already familiar with the story can recognize plots but still be entertained by them, while acknowledging in the story that the dream/nightmare is based on real events when the character wakes up.

Another thing to do would be use situational implications. For example in a GoT fanfic where you want to explain how Sandor got his burn without going into a full detailed explanation that would slow the plot down, you can put him in a situation that reminds him of how it happened. Any scene with a large amount of fire would be a good situation to do this, or an encounter with Gregor, and your implication can be a line as simple as “It was another agonizing reminder of what his brother had done to him all those years ago.”

Lastly, I think it’s really important to trust your readers. If you’re writing a fanfic it’s a good bet that most if not all of them have read/watched the original, and if they haven’t they’re at least familiar with parts of it. If they are readers who haven’t scene/read the source and you could casually mention things like Sandor’s burn without explicit telling them how he got it but still be implying it’s importance enough that they can be  inspired to look it up for themselves.

That’s all I can think of for now, but if you would like to message me later to see if I’ve come up with anything new, feel free to do so.

~Mod Zae







Cannot stop imagining a futurefic/au where Sansa disguises herself as a silent sister, and travels to the QI where of course she notices a tall dark and brooding man, and watches him from afar, not revealing her identity until she is ready because she knows who he is but he has no idea cause she’s all wrapped up in silent sister garb is this a run on sentence why yes it is.


even monsters have something they want to protect.
                     and they’d kill to keep them safe.

I spilled something on my computer about a week ago so half of the keys don’t work- I’m using the onscreen keyboard for everything right now- and the trackpad is being difficult. As a result, progress on our big project has been very slow,  it will be a while before the project is finished, sorry.

There’s a beast in every man and it stirs when you insult Sansa Stark.
—Me (holding a candle standing in front of a mirror in a dark room wearing a hooded cape)

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